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CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES SA (CTEC) is a high-tech SME involving over 45 people based in a French Innovation Valley, close to Grenoble, specializing in the following domains:

  • Smart Actuators: Actuators & motors based on piezoelectric ceramics, electroactive polymers, ultrasonic effects, magnetostrictive alloys, magneto rheological fluids (MRF) & magnetic effects (moving coils, moving iron); Applications: micro nano positioning, damping, vibration generation, acoustic transducers, and micro actuators.
  • Smart Sensors: Magnetic, magneto resistive, magnetostrictive, piezoelectric sensors, transformers or generators; force, torque, position, speed, acceleration sensors, including contactless sensors & resonant sensors.
  • Mechatronic systems: Multi-degree-of-freedom mechanisms; micro robotics motion control; active damping of vibrations; vibration (ultrasonic or sonic) assistance to process; proportional valves; fast injectors;
  • Detection systems: Structural Health Monitoring (SHM); NDT using magnetic or acoustic effects; magnetic or acoustic localization.

In these domains, CTEC designs, manufactures and tests components, systems and associated electronics, following customer requirements and keeping the objective to achieve both a technical and marketing success. CTEC has developed its expertise from space activities (more than 5 000 piezoelectric or magnetic actuators from CTEC have been delivered and are successfully operating within the ASD fields) and is now spreading into areas of instrumentation, optics, machine and production tool systems. 
CTEC also performs R&D activities and transfers of technologies for mass production applications. For example, a patent applied by FIAT using APA® reveals the interest of CTEC actuators as a low cost-efficient solution for injectors. Other examples are piezo generators developed for LEGRAND for house appliances or Contactless Torque Sensors based on Eddy Current Sensors for PSA. Training activities complete the technology transfers to both SMEs and large industries. 
Our key points: Compact, dynamic and precise 20 years of space heritage, organization for customized solution in collaborative projects. Generation of Innovations covered by 40 patents in collaboration with customers. Off-the-shelf and customized industrial mechatronics products on the market.