angle-left null L'Olivo News praises the Olive-Sound project

The latest issue of the most widespread specialist magazine in Italy contains an interesting article about efficient teamwork and the results achieved


L’Olivo News picked the title “L’alba del nuovo frantoio” (The dawn of the new oil mill) to present Olive-Sound, a project devised by Maria Lisa Clodoveo. In her article, the successful lecturer from the University of Bari focuses on two aspects: on the one hand, the spectacular synergy that has been created in the team put together by the university in Puglia, comprising Pieralisi, the French company Cedrat, the Spanish research centre Cita Tech and Almazara del Ebro, one of the biggest oil mills in northern Spain; on the other, the excellent results achieved through research, by combining ultrasound and heat exchange to offer every oil mill operator anywhere in the world the chance to create a bespoke technological process to suit the needs of their particular business.

“The decidedly innovative aspect”, Clodoveo explains, “lies in the opportunity to cool the olive paste to foster the production of the volatile molecules responsible for the fruity notes, guaranteeing higher extraction yields. This way, for the first time in the history of plants, the oil mill operator will no longer be forced to choose between quality and quantity when producing oil. This is because the cavitation induced by ultrasound effectively releases microscopic drops of oil trapped in the cells of the drupe conveyed intact to the crusher, thereby speeding up the release of minor compounds of a nutraceutical interest. At the same time, the action of dozens of ultrasound transducers forces the paste in transit in the mechanical device to follow a tortuous route that generates an agitation similar to the movement of a malaxing unit, obtaining – in just a few seconds and simultaneously – the finishing of the crushing process and an efficient coalescence of the oil drops released”.