angle-left null Olive-Sound at EXPOLIVA 2021

XX Technical Scientific Symposium - Ultrasound system (US) combined with heat exchanger to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the extra virgin olive oil extraction process.


Olive-Sound was present with a dedicated corner at EXPOLIVA 2021, the main World Exhibition for the promotion and development of the Olive and Oil Industry. At Pieralisi's pavilion, it was possible to see the video made by Olive-Sound partners with the fundamental contribute of Cticita.

On 23 September, the Technical and Scientific Symposium was organised to present the Olive-Sound project and its development. Pieralisi's Chief Technical Officer (CTO), Stefano Cei, has discussed the results obtained in 2020, waiting for the final large-scale tests that will be carried out at the partner Almaza del Ebro in Spain.

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