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Ultrasound reactor - The solution for a continuous olive oil extraction process

Final testing of Olive-Sound reactors

Steven Rowe, Cedrat partner, at Pieralisi for final testing

Olive-Sound at EXPOLIVA 2021

XX Technical Scientific Symposium - Ultrasound system (US) combined with heat exchanger to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the extra virgin olive oil extraction process.

A sustainable radical innovation

Olive Sound is the acronym of a Horizon 2020 European Project aimed at the development of a high-flow oil extraction plant.

Olive-Sound: experimentation bears its fruits

The Pieralisi project team and the first Extra Virgin Olive Oil produced

L'Olivo News praises the Olive-Sound project

The latest issue of the most widespread specialist magazine in Italy contains an interesting article about efficient teamwork and the results achieved

Industrial Ultrasound Applications in The Extra-Virgin Olive Oil Extraction Process.

Taking an idea from a basic concept to a commercially available product is highly rewarding, but it can be a very long, complex, and difficult journey. Recognizing and understanding the stages of...
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