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The University of Bari Aldo Moro (UNIBA) is a public body, founded in October 1924 with approximately 50.000 students. It offers 113 courses as well as 104 master and specialization and 87 PhD courses. It is one of largest University in Italy and the second in the South of Italy. UNIBA is constituted by 23 Departments covering all fields of research from basic to R&D, about 52 research and didactic centres and two schools: "Sciences and Technologies" and "Medicine". The School of Medicine offers also a course (B.E.M.C. – Bari English Medical Curriculum) completely in English, attended by many foreign students. The University of Bari boasts important libraries of historical and scientific value, composed by 1,689,442 books, 517,028 year's issues of periodicals and 21,369 journals. One of the particular excellences is the Botanical Garden Museum, a living museum operated by UNIBA. The garden was established in 1955 and contains a greenhouse and a herbarium with about 40,000 specimens. UNIBA is also present in Taranto (Polo Jonico) and Brindisi.